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Providing customized manpower to small and medium-sized businesses facing a ‘recruitment crisis’

16 Apr 2024

Seoul City-Junior College, ‘Industrial Cooperation Agreement’ concluded
(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jaeyoung Cho = Seoul City is joining hands with junior colleges in Seoul to provide ‘customized manpower’ to small and medium-sized businesses.
On the 23rd, the city of Seoul signed a ‘joint cooperation agreement to form an industrial field human resources support network’ with 14 colleges, including the College of Public Health attached to Korea University, at Dongyang Technical College, and research institutes and companies such as the Nano Industry Technology Association, the Small and Medium Business Corporation, and Youngchang Silicone. It was announced on the 22nd that it would do so.
A city official explained the purpose of the project, saying, "Despite the youth unemployment crisis, small and medium-sized businesses are having difficulty finding workers with the necessary skills."
Accordingly, when a small business and a junior college sign a contract and request the necessary manpower, the university will create a system that will open the relevant curriculum and train customized manpower so that they can get a job after graduation.

A city official said, "Ire Electronics Industry [045310], which participated as a pilot company in this project, has shown interest from many small and medium-sized businesses, such as requesting that colleges train experts in mobile communication devices and video devices."

The city first decided to establish a 62-pyeong 'Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Field Technology Comprehensive Human Resources Support and Development Center' within the Dongyang Industrial Complex and promote projects such as opening customized training courses that accommodate the needs of industries and opening junior college facilities to small and medium-sized businesses. .

[Yonhap News Reporter Cho Jae-young]

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