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YOUNG CHANG more technology, better cabled since 1986

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Youngchang Silicone targets overseas markets with heating cables and eco-friendly flame retardants

16 Apr 2024

Selected as a performance sharing system for Western Power Company’s overseas sales channel support

[Energy Economy Reporter Yang Se-hoon]

"When electric wires burn, carcinogens such as dioxin are released. However, with our technology, we are developing halogen-free (HF) electric wires, which are eco-friendly flame retardant electric wires. Since they are electric wires that do not emit harmful substances, these are used for heating cables, cables for power plants, and ships. It can also be used in cars.” This is an explanation from Park Eun-soo, director of Youngchang Silicone’s Eco-friendly Energy Materials Research Institute.

Youngchang Silicone (CEO Park Hyun-woo, hereinafter referred to as Youngchang), a manufacturer of special wires (high-temperature wires, heat-resistant wires, heating cables), is accelerating the development of eco-friendly flame retardant wires. This is to increase export competitiveness.

Recently, the demand for eco-friendly flame retardants has been increasing mainly in developed countries such as the United States and Europe, and their competitiveness is high due to their diverse use and use in industries such as electrical products, ships, automobiles, and power plants.

There are also high expected benefits from obtaining overseas certification for heating cables and HF wires. As overseas expansion expands, Youngchang Silicone's sales are expected to increase by about 33%. In fact, exports last year were 9 billion won, but sales are expected to increase to 12 billion won when this project ends. Domestic exports are also expected to increase from 13 billion won last year to 15 billion won.

An official from Youngchang Silicon said, “Since 2013, we have had more exchanges with power generation officials, and as supplies to power generation companies have substantially increased, power generation companies have also started paying attention to Youngchang Silicon.” “Receiving support gave me great strength,” he said.

 In addition, he added, "Russia and Southeast Asia have low entry barriers and marketability, so there is great potential. We plan to target these regions first, and then Europe and the Americas."

Meanwhile, Youngchang Silicone, established in 1986, has been generating sales of approximately 23 billion won every year for the past five years, of which exports account for 40%. As of last year, the assets were 16.2 billion won, and the current ratio according to financial indicators is 358% high, but the debt ratio is only 25%, making it a solid small and medium-sized company.

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