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Youngchang Silicone, a cable for nuclear power plants that lasts 120 years

16 Apr 2024

Certified by the U.S.... Exports to Russia are also promoted  

[Reporter Ahn Byeong-jun of Maeil Business Newspaper]
The year 2013 was turbulent due to nuclear power plant supply corruption that shook the Korean nuclear power industry. However, there are companies that have opened up new sales channels due to these large-scale negative factors acting as a 'genius coincidence'. The main character is Youngchang Silicone, which produces industrial cables such as special heat-resistant wires, heating cables, and high-temperature wires. As corruption emerged, work began to check the performance of cables used in nuclear power plants.

 Park Hyun-woo, CEO of Youngchang Silicone, explained, "In the second half of 2013, a company took our product and used it, but we didn't know it was being used in nuclear power plants. They said they were going to re-certify the product, so they sent us a sample product and had the product tested in the United States."

The test scores exceeded expectations. Youngchang Silicone's cables, which are commonly used in France and other domestic companies, have been verified. The French product has a durability of 80 years, while Youngchang Silicone's has a lifespan of 120 years. Other domestic companies received test results that were far inferior to French products. CEO Park said, "I came to inspect the factory at the Atomic Energy Research Institute, saying that I did not trust the test results, but when I saw firsthand the strict quality control, such as storing product samples for 5 years for general products and permanently for special products, I thought, 'Why have we been supplying products to the power generation industry until now? “They asked, ‘Was the performance low?’” he said.

 Thanks to this, Youngchang Silicon has opened a sales channel in the domestic power generation industry since last year, supplying cables worth about 200 million won to power generation companies such as Korea Western Power, and recorded sales of 22.8 billion won last year. Founded in 1986, Youngchang Silicone's representative products are special heat-resistant and high-temperature cables used in furnaces at steel mills and boilers at power plants, and heating cables that maintain pipe temperature.

Special heat-resistant cables can be used in an environment of 250 degrees, unlike general cables whose commercial temperature is around 150 degrees.

Another advantage is that, due to the nature of silicon, the main material, even if a fire occurs, it can maintain its shape as long as there is no external shock.

In addition, by wrapping glass fiber around the conductor and processing it at 500 degrees with a high-temperature special coating, the cable can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees.

 Recently, we are trying to obtain Russian customs certification (CU) and international certification (IECEX) to export heating cables to Russia and Eastern Europe. We have been preparing for export for 3-4 years, but progress has been slow due to certification preparation costs. Fortunately, the project gained momentum as Korea Western Power decided to support 75% of the total 100 million won, including the cost of reinforcing CU-related performance facilities and the cost of purchasing reagents and materials. there is.

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